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Finally, a good version of Dragon Dictate Medical.  Just released, it's
built on the Windows version 12 speech engine and algorithms, so you
KNOW it's accurate and fast.  And it has many (though not all) of the
same features you're used to in the Windows version of Dragon

  •  text commands that let you insert boilerplate

  •  a customizable vocabulary

  •  the opportunity to analyze documents you've already
written to pull out custom words and adapt to your             
writing style

  •  90 specialty and subspecialty vocabularies

  •  regional accent support

  •  transcription of recorded speech

  •  fast and easy correction process

In short, you can use it pretty much the same way you use the Windows
version of Dragon Medical.

  •  It is only available in English.

  •  It has no roaming user capacity.

  •  There is no support for the PowerMic yet.

  •  While you can dictate into any application that gives you a cursor, you only have Full Text Control in
  MacPractice®.  This means that you cannot mix dictation and use of the mouse or keyboard within the
  same field without losing the ability to correct or edit by voice.

  •  There is no General English vocabulary.

  •  You cannot import your Windows-Dragon profile over to the Mac.

  •   Use with Remote Desktop and Citrix are not yet supported.
System Requirements

  • CPU: Intel®-based Mac computer (2.2 Ghz Intel Core™2
  • Duo processor or greater recommended)
  • - Free hard disk space: 7GB
  • - Minimum Operating Systems: Mac OS® X Lion (10.7) or
  • OS X® Mountain Lion (10.8)
  • - RAM: 4GB recommended
  • - A DVD-ROM drive for installation
for Mac (included in purchase)
Dragon Dictate Medical for the Mac
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Dragon Dictate Medical for the Mac on USB drive
This can ONLY be ordered as an add-on to the purchase of a full version, and
is for use with tablets.  It will come without a serial number, so by itself, it
cannot be installed.
Dragon Dictate Medical for the Mac with Bluetooth mic
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Dragon Dictate Medical for the Mac with digital recorder
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