If you buy Dragon® Professional, Medical, or Legal from us - or you purchase training services - at a
minimum, one hour of tech support by phone, email, or streaming video is free for 30 days, though
not toll-free:  
please use the tech support number above.  As a practical matter,  it's pretty much free forever for those
customers, as long as it's short - though we might feel a little differently about it if we're on the phone with you for
four hours walking you through a software-conflict nightmare.   We're willing to play it by ear if you are.  

If you bought Dragon elsewhere, we will give you the Nuance tech-support number.  If you want help from us,
please have your credit card ready:  We will charge your credit card $20 for every fifteen (15) minutes - or part
thereof - we spend on the phone with you.  This means that if your question only takes five minutes, you oughta
come up with a couple more, because you're gonna pay anyway.   ;-)  

We're sorry - there's no free tech support on Preferred or upgrades.  Please have your credit card information
ready when you call.


We will always try to help you find answers if you're having a problem with something you bought from us.  If we
don’t know the answer to a question, we’ll find it out for you.  We’ll stay with you until the problem is solved.  Or till
lunch, whichever comes first.

You can also get a great deal of help from the manufacturer’s website (  The
knowledgebase is located at:

It has a lot of valuable information, is searchable, and costs you nothing.

The Olympus website offers some support (mostly manuals and specs) for the DS5000  digital recorder at  
//  .  Similarly, support for the Philips 9600
can be found at http://  PLEASE DO NOT CALL OLYMPUS
- call us first.  It's very helpful if you've done a little
exploration on your own at the above website, but if that fails, call us.  Olympus and Philips have this idea that
"authorized dealers" ought to actually DO something, if you can believe it.


All microphones and recorders come with manufacturers' warranties.  See the links or phone numbers below to
locate information about your product.




Grundig:  Grundig Business Systems, North America -  Phone:  +1 312-924-2878 -  Email:


Buddy Microphones:  warranted against defects in workmanship for one year from date of purchase.  Contact
us to help with returns on defective merchandise.

Andrea Microphones:

VXI Microphones:

Plantronics Microphones:


Please call to discuss your training needs (866-359-7137).  We can offer online or onsite training;  the latter can
entail either individualized or classroom instruction.  Especially for business use, Dragon is not really a "plug-and-
play" application, and many people find that the purchase of two or three hours' instruction is well worth the cost
in terms of shortened learning curve and quicker gains in productivity.

We'll develop custom applications for you at our standard offsite rate - call for details.   Or you can pay
$400/hour.  We, of course, prefer the latter, but haven't found many takers.

What constitutes tech support - and what doesn't?

Tech support means help with getting the program installed, getting your microphone to work, resolving
hardware and software conflicts, slowdowns and crashes, handling error messages, helping with manual
activation, etc.

It does
not mean training you to use the program, showing you how to get better results or improve recognition
accuracy, helping you write custom commands or set up templates, and the like.  Those are training and
customization issues, and  you can get help with them for a fee.  
CALL TOLL-FREE     1- 866-359-7137
(In NJ, 908-359-7137)
(for customer tech support, 908- 359-5182)